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Welcome to my Art gallery, I personally believe that art is just amazing in so many ways; let’s not forget that art is actually medicine for the soul. I started officially painting in June 2018, that was when I stopped working because my students went on summer vacation. Right at the time my husband and I happened to buy our first house together. Furthermore, I knew I was a painter especially because I was working at an elementary school, we did so much art work. My students would often ask me: “Miss Dede are you an artist or something?  we want to know if you are a painter in real life” so I would smile and answer no. They will giggle and say “Miss Dede you’re so good you should do it in real life” ... 

They believed in me first and here I am, I knew I wasn’t just a designer. my gift is beyond that, I create, therefore I view myself as an artist, a creator. One thing I am sure about, when it comes to my artwork so far, is the power I want to be able to give; the ability to tell a story! These canvases are painted with heart to satisfy my clients and to reflect happiness and an untold story in their home.

On this note I present to you “Uniquebyreelia Art Gallery



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thank you for stopping by our Art gallery, we hope you found what you were looking for. However, we are now accepting commissioned custom art work on canvas starting from $55 for abstract & $100 for portrait on a 16” * 20” Canvas size, limited time offer only. Can be made for a different size upon request, price subject to change according to the size requested. Just a reminder that our art work is hand painted by the artist Reelia Anani K.


Only available on canvas currently! keep in mind that we are working toward printed art work as well!


Just a quick reminder that our art work will be shipping out from Canada therefore, the shipping price might be different unless you are purchasing it from Canada.  

We are working toward offering an affordable shipping rate covering the united states only for several people during the month of December and January, if you’re interested email us: to preorder your canvas now!! 

Contact us bellow if interested in the offer.


We will highly encourage you to support a black own business. By support a small black own business, you are supporting a dream, a day at a time!



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