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Welcome to my Art gallery, I personally believe that art is just amazing in so many ways; let’s not forget that art is actually medicine for the soul. I started officially painting in June 2018, that was when I stopped working because my students went on summer vacation. Right at the time my husband and I happened to buy our first house together. Furthermore, I knew I was a painter especially because I was working at an elementary school, we did so much art work. My students would often ask me: “Miss Dede are you an artist or something?  we want to know if you are a painter in real life” so I would smile and answer no. They will giggle and say “Miss Dede you’re so good you should do it in real life” ... 

They believed in me first and here I am, I knew I wasn’t just a designer. my gift is beyond that, I create, therefore I view myself as an artist, a creator. One thing I am sure about, when it comes to my artwork so far, is the power I want to be able to give; the ability to tell a story! These canvases are painted with heart to satisfy my clients and to reflect happiness and an untold story in their home.

On this note I present to you “Uniquebyreelia Art Gallery