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“Boss Lady”

Boss Lady, Was what came to mind when I first saw this picture of mine.

I craved so long to shoot with the photographer NeefFresh from NYC, since the year 2012. Faithfully my dream came to pass this past March 2015. It was a one day trip from Maryland to New York, that early morning around 6 am. our shoot was scheduled for 12pm and I didn’t want to take any risk at getting to NYC late, therefore I made sure I leave pretty early.

Bellow, was one of the first picture that catches my eyes when I first started following Neeffresh on Facebook. I fell in love with this picture and the accessory the girl had in her hair. Which was a bow that Inspired my second line “I Africa” and was the early beginning of my brand. Well i never told her but i tried and made the exact bow with an African print featuring the chain as well, except the safety pins. Of course i wanted it unique to my own vision so i did it my own way. I believe that, it was the reason why I was so desperate to shoot with her , am just grateful my dream actually came to pass. Funny how when I first started following her all I can do was liking her pictures. I knew back then I couldn’t ask for her pricing, I respected her work so much that i didn’t even want to go there, deep inside me, I knew it was something I couldn’t afford, i didn’t have much at the time to even think about it. I actually did promise myself that one day I will definitely shoot with Neef.So when the opportunity presented itself, I quickly grab it, the truth is, for this shoot I wanted something different, something that wasn’t expected from me and at the same time staying true to my personality. The truth is, when Reelia set her mind on something she just has to get it.

We went for a pink blazer and a thrift style floral pent.

Shade and ring powered by UniqueByReelia

Styles , Makeup and photographer: Neeffresh

Up : This is the picture that i felt in love with “The Bow with chain” This style is pretty rare and i like unique pieces.

The Unique By Reelia version of the Bow “2013” My Model was a real good friend of mine from Ghana Audrey AkA “Africanwoman” . Of course I was the photographer back in New York while I was studying at Long Island University in downtown Brooklyn.

Well something important to learn from this first blog of mine is, To faith it, until you make it, but not only to faith it, to also work for it as well, because anything that is worth dreaming and worth having , is worth working for.

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