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September 28, 2018

January 3, 2017

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Fashion Forward...

September 28, 2018



So you know how I’ve been blogging for a while? well today i made it a bit personal this time

Last Saturday i had a shoot date with the CEO of Zahara cosmetic, Miss Rachida , for their fall photoshoot.  I dressed up and showed up! i kinda like this fall style of mine , so i decided to share it with you all.






I got to pose for the camera once in a while so it was just one of those days! OOps and i actually shoot with two photographers on the site  “aye Lucky me hah!” Over all it was a fun date , i got to meet some of her beautiful models, you know those types of beauty that actually confirm how God is actually an artist right ? lol silly me!








I will actually post two of the pictures i feature with Zahara cosmetic that day! well i meant my accessories since it was a collabo!






SHIRT : black regular tank top



NECKLACE/ EARRINGS : Uniquebyreelia

VEST:  Nordstrom rack

SHOES : Rock & Candy

Lipstick: Zahara cosmetic

BANGLE : Charlotte Russe

Photograph: Cruffent & Missllaneous





Zahara Cosmetic Accessories Collabo


Model- @toadzo
Necklace- @uniquebyreelia
Wearing Zahara Cosmetics

MUA : Rachida Kankpe-Kombath

Makeup : Zahara cosmetic












          Model- @fashionita_lareine
          Necklace – @uniquebyreelia

          MUA : Rachida Kankpe-Kombath    Makeup : Zahara cosmetic






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