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Hello guys!!

If you are here, I believed you've already watched my recent YouTube video on my channel, featuring this organic oil "Seed".

If not here is the link to this product review.

I really wanted my viewers to connect with this product and have an idea of where it is coming from and what it is made out of. Therefore I did an interview with Doctor Sonia M. the creator of this oil Seed...

My name is Dr Sonia M. creator of Seedohgo which stands for Seed Organic Hair Growth Oil.

-3 years ago, my hair was relaxed. It was shedding, breaking and wasn’t growing anymore so I decided to do the big chop and really start taking care of my hair.

As a medical student back then, I was super broke so I really couldn’t afford all those natural hair products. I needed just one product besides my shampoo and conditioner to maintain my hair healthy, something that will make my hair soft, manageable and healthy. That’s when I started researching about my 4c type of hair and different oil that promote hair growth and that was the beginning of Seedohgo.

Within a month of using the oil, I noticed significant growth of my hair, so friends and family started inquiring about the product I was using and I would tell them that I made it myself and would go ahead and make it for them. I would also give out samples to customers at hair salons and they would come back with great reviews of the products.

So after 2.5 years of research, Seedohgo finally launched in June 2018

-All the ingredients in the products are organic: raw Shea butter, pressed tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, argon oil, avocado oil and some African herbs that stimulate the hair follicles to grow.

- For better result, use it twice a day, morning and night. Apply it on the scalp, all over the hair and especially the top of the hair because that’s the oldest part of the hair which tends to break easily, so Seedohgo maintain the elasticity and prevents the hair from breaking which adds up to the growth

- -Seedohgo is important to me because it’s my way of reaching out to women and men out there who are suffering from alopecia or don’t feel comfortable with their hair to start embracing their hair and feel beautiful and handsome

- Discount:

- By purchasing through Reelia, you will get a 25% discount with promo CODE25 on Etsy with free shipping.

Shop Seedohgo shop on Etsy or directly DM on Instagram @seedohgo https://www.etsy.com/shop/SEEDOHGO

- Buy 3 get one free only through the month of December with free shipping when you follow Seedohgo on IG, and like Seed Organic Hair Growth Oil page on Facebook

- People residing in Chicago, can purchase it at

“Lucky Professional Hair Braiding" at 404 W 79th St, Chicago IL 60620 tel: 773-651-9004 for only $15 with an additional $10 discount on their hairdo

- SEED Organic Hair Oil Growth is an alcohol free and sulfate free Product!!

Thank you guys for stopping by and I hope this interview was helpful to you !! good luck on your natural hair growth journey!! LOVE XOXO

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