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Everything in between

Helllo fam!

I know i have not blog for more than a year now, and am sorry but life happened.

Yesterday i just relaunch the brand with some new collections and am just so excited and blowned away by the love i have been receiving so far.

Yes! “everything in between” , a sister got pregnant , and it was one of the best and interesting moment of my life. I really wanted this baby. I prayed to have HER ! So when i got pregnant , i got sick , really sick , i thought i was ready but i guess not , apparently my body was not ready for all that transformations. It was a different but an amazing experience. From there i didn’t make the effort to keep my business going ...

Well that was how one year went by. The most important part after giving birth is, to work on your mental health because (postpartum is crazy). I thank God that i was surrounded by so much love and care. Well , i gave myself time and room to breath and just embrace this new life .

Then 5 months postpartum, i was back and ready to kick it . I love doing things my own paste ! I realized that life is too short and am not competing with no one , if God says am gonna shine today , i will , if he says in a year then it will be in a year that is why i like to take my time and just enjoy the process. Life is not easy , creating thing as a mother is harder , my Daughter really love attention and to be honest i do give in all the time .

I think she deserved it , she s a baby and all she knows is play and just enjoy her parents and with that , it s so hard to create stuff in a day but we try our best. We managed , she is a sweetheart tho ! Well here are some pieces i have on my site now , the ones am wearing in these pictures, you can order and show some love by checking it out on our website .

I promised to be regular with my blog from now on . I have so many stories to tell yu guys and lot of cool ideas to share with yu guys.

www.uniquebyreelia.com Love XoXo 😘




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